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How To Use

To begin, select a topic from the topic library.


From here you will be taken to the home page for that topic and presented with a series of images of items from the Seven Stories collection.


Each of these images represents a different entry point to exploring the selected topic. Hover the mouse over any of these images to discover the various themes that will be explored within the topic.


After selecting one of these images, you will be presented with a full screen view of the Seven Stories collection item.

Depending on the image, some will be fully visible immediately; others will require scrolling through to see the whole image.


From this screen, the scroll menu on the left hand side will display all of the images from the topic home page, allowing you to quickly move between categories.


Clicking the button at the bottom of the screen will reveal a scrolling menu of work from the Seven Stories Collection that relates to the theme you are exploring. Hover the mouse over an image to learn what it contains, then click to view it full screen.


Throughout the digital learning resource you will see a series of icons relating to additional content within a piece of work. These icons will usually be found in a column on the right hand side of a piece of work.

Sometimes, icons will also appear embedded on top of a piece of work.


The photo icon will reveal a gallery of further images from the Seven Stories collection by the same illustrator.


The video icon will display a varied selection of film content, featuring authors, illustrators and industry experts commenting on particular subjects or styles of working.


Further icons will display short text pieces, audio commentaries, booklists with recommended reading and links to illustrator websites.


There is a huge amount of content to see within each topic, with every piece of work containing multiple levels of material to view.


Users interested in particular authors, illustrators and techniques can use the search function to immediately access specific content.


Any piece of work viewed can be added to your own online portfolio by selecting the portfolio icon. This will make it easier to return to specific items from the Seven Stories Collection quickly.


Enjoy going on a creative journey through the Seven Stories Collection and explore the wealth of learning that it has to offer.