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These digital resources have been created to help you access the materials held by the Seven Stories Collection.


Whether you’re an experienced illustrator or just starting out, we hope you’ll find plenty to interest and inspire you.


Here, you can browse through sketchbooks, storyboards, dummy books and finished artwork - everything that goes into the making of a picture book, in fact.


Each title features original materials from the collection together with video interviews with children’s book illustrators at all stages in their careers. Commentaries, links and suggestions for further reading are also included.


The topics currently available are part of a growing catalogue that will explore the many aspects of the Seven Stories Collection. Future topics will explore specific book titles, illustrator techniques and varied themes in children’s books.



Terms and Conditions

  • All of the images featured on this learning resource are copyright and are subject to the restrictions of the Copyright Act (1988).


  • They are provided here solely for the purposes of non-commercial research and private study.


  • They are not licenced for redistribution or any other use beyond non-commercial research and private study.


  • In using this resource you agree that you will not copy or distribute these images in any form.


  • Whilst many of the images featured on this site are of items in the Seven Stories Collection, ownership of the archive material does not carry with it ownership of the copyright in that material.  Consequently, although Seven Stories may own the material in the Collection, in most cases we do not own copyright.


  • If you wish to reproduce or publish any of the material featured on this learning resource, then it is necessary to obtain written permission from the copyright holder.


  • Seven Stories staff can, where appropriate, provide guidance on how to secure copyright permission but cannot undertake to obtain such permission on behalf of users.


  • If you would like any further guidance on copyright issues relating to the material featured in this learning resource, please contact